Gifts – Garden Statuary!

By: admin | Posted on: Jun/13/2012

Continuing our gift series, garden statues are often the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day and pretty much every holiday you can think of!  The key is finding the perfect gift for the receiver.  To help you find the perfect selection, we’ve broken down a selection of statues for each event type, as well as a few themed types that may be perfect for someone with a special interest.

Mother’s Day

So many of us have mother’s that love spending their free time not only making the inside of the house look beautiful, but also the outside of the house.  Many mothers find that gardening is a relaxing retreat from the stresses of everyday life.  What better way to celebrate your mom on mother’s day than with a beautiful piece of art that she can enjoy for year after year!  Many of our customer love sending their moms a statue that reminds them of the love between a mother and a child.  The Mother and Child Garden Statue is a perfect choice.  A peaceful mother holds her young child in her arms.  This beautiful statue can look perfect all alone in a garden or among some of her favorite greens and blooms.

Father’s Day

Many fathers take pride in taking care of the outdoor landscape.  If your father is one, then a garden statue is the absolute perfect choice!  One of our customer favorites is the Male Golfer Statue.  This strapping young man stands against his golf clubs and is perfect for the male who loves taking care of his landscape or the Dad who loves golfing! A simple garden rock can also be a great, inexpensive choice.  Our Dad’s Garden Accent Rock can be placed anywhere he’d like!


Weddings are one of the hardest events to buy for.  You want to buy that special couple a unique gift that doesn’t just come off of the registry, something they will love for many many years.  For that, we suggest the Dove Pair with incredible detail, the dove pair is the perfect choice as it shows two love birds side by side loving one another endlessly.  Your bride and groom will be delighted with such a unique gift that they could place indoors or even outdoors, something they can even share with their children one day!


Birthdays are the perfect time to tap into the birthday boy or girl’s hobbies.  Many of us have special interests that we never even think to bring to the garden.  With our wide range of garden statuary, we are sure that you can find a gift for anyone on the birthday list.  A few of our customers favorite themed suggestions are gnomes and gnome villages.  These little characters range from grandma gnome to homes and gnome walls to build a village! A collection of these gnomes can make a wonderful choice for anyone to start their own gnome village!  Playful statues like Paws also make delightful gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face!  Religious statues such as Madonna or St. Francis are also very popular as well as angel garden statues!

Finding a gift for a garden fanatic in your life can be very easy  when it comes to garden statuary.  Simply stop and take a few moments to think about the receiver and view our large selection of garden statuary here.  They are sure to enjoy each work of art for many years!
By: Susan Soler of the Team

Gifts for a Gardener – Water Fountains

By: admin | Posted on: May/31/2012

So there is someone in your life that is very hard to buy for, we are pretty sure you can relate, but they do have a love for their home landscape and gardening.  Some of the perfect gift ideas can be found for a loved one who finds gardening and landscaping to be one of their favorite hobbies.  From water fountains to garden rocks and plaques we have come up with some of the best ideas for gifts for a gardening, a wedding, birthday, or maybe even an anniversary. We are going to start this gift series with water fountains. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will continue the series with many different options for gift buying with the garden and landscape theme!

Water fountains are the prefect choice for a garden lover that seems to already have everything but is missing the element of water.  Water fountains add a touch of elegance and serenity to any outdoor or  indoor area.  Many find that the sound of water flowing has a very calming effect. Garden fountains can also help drown out the unwanted sound of traffic or noisy neighbors. The first step to consider when choosing a fountain for a gift is what style the receiver would like.  From modern fountains, with clean straight lines, like the Moderne Fountain to classical water fountains such as the Vicobello Fountain and everything in between, it is important to take a visit to their outdoor area to see which would be the best fit.

Once you have chosen a style it is time to determine how you see your gift receiver using the fountain. If you know your loved one likes to shake up their garden now and then, you may want to consider a lightweight material such as Fiberglass Fountains.  These fountains are made of an alternative material, fiberglass or resin, instead of concrete.  This greatly decreases the weight of the fountain, allowing it to be moved from place to place as desired.  Fiberglass fountains can range from freestanding tier fountains to wall fountains that can be hung in the garden.

Speaking of wall fountains, they make an excellent choice for someone who does not have a large area for their water feature.  These fountains almost always come with a hook in the back of the fountain that makes it as easy as can be to use!  Your gift would arrive packed in a box and all your receiver would need to do is unpack it, hook the pump up to the fountain tubing, fill with water and plug in!  The perfect quick gift.  We find that many people love the Corinthian Wall Fountain.

If an outdoor fountain is not an option for your gift, then you can always consider a tabletop fountain that could be placed on a desk in an office, a waiting room, foyer, or maybe even living room.  Imagine hearing about your loved one enjoying the tabletop fountain you gave them for their birthday as they relax with a good book, hearing the tranquil sounds of water dancing.  Tabletop fountains can range in a variety of materials from cast stone to fiberglass but are also a sure bet when space is limited.

An additional option for indoor fountains are  hanging wall fountains. Ranging from stainless steel and copper, to canvas art creations, hanging wall fountains can be the finishing touch for a room your loved one keeps reminding you seems so bare and empty.  These works of art are not just visual inspirations but they will calm and soothe even the busiest CEO!

For the gardener wants a gift that can last a lifetime, cast stone fountains are a perfect choice.  These fountains are durable and maintain a weight that allows them to be a lifetime feature.  Designed to withstand even the harshest temperatures when winterized properly, cast stone fountains are a customized gift that will have your loved one thanking you forever.  These fountains are stained by each manufacturer in your choice of colors.  These patinas are often hand applied and many cast stone fountains are made in the U.S.A..’s extensive collection of cast stone fountains is sure to help you find the perfect choice for your gift.

When searching for a gift for the gardener in your life, stop to consider a water feature.  You may have been uncertain at first what type of fountain to search for, but we hope that we have provided you with some very useful information for searching for the gift that all will admire!
By: Susan Soler of the Team



Planter & Pedestal Sets Add Beauty to Homes

By: admin | Posted on: May/18/2012

Have you ever taken a drive down the street in a new area, or maybe near your home, and noticed that one specific home that makes you turn your head for a second look?  Chances are that home has decorative garden planters atop pedestals that seem to just draw your eye right to them.  Pots and pedestals come in all shapes and sizes, materials and colors.  Finding the perfect fit for your home can make your own house  become “the house that turns heads”. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect set.

Pots and Pedestals come in a variety of materials.  Cast stone containers and pedestals are a durable material that can be left out in all elements of weather.  They should be properly winterized if you live in an area that drops to freezing temperatures. Cast stone pieces can come in a variety of colors, whether you prefer a natural cast stone look or a manufacturer’s custom stain/patina. Placing these pedestals at the end of your driveway or entrance to your home can create the perfect finishing touch to your landscape.

Iron pots and pedestals also provide a heavier, solid material that will withstand many years of decorating for your visitors.  These urns and pots are designed to rust over time to create a natural gardening element. Often found in black iron, dark brown, or a lead colored finish, iron planters can add a sleek element to your home or garden.

Polyethylene pedestals and pots are the perfect lightweight alternative to decorating the appearance of your home.  These pots and planters have a durability that allows them to withstand harsh temperatures.  The beauty of these containers and pedestals lie in the overall weight of the pieces. They can be picked up and moved from place to place for the home owner that loves to spice things up every now and then.

One of the most important aspects of a pot and pedestal set is the overall height of the set.  While you want the pots and pedestals to provide enough height to be visible to all, you want to consider the other elements around the location you are looking to place your pots and pedestals.  For placement in areas where there is very little greenery or colorful flowers, you may want to opt for lower lying pots and pedestals to add a pop of color and interest.  For areas where there is a great deal of landscaping or plants you may want to search for taller pots and pedestals and actually leave them empty instead of planting them, just to break up the overall visual appearance of the landscaping area. You will also want to consider how your guests and those passing by will view your containers and pedestals.  If the pedestals are too low, your pots may not be seen by the average driver or guest.  It may be best to then choose a higher pedestal to elevate the beauty to eye level. Overall, the choice of height for pots and pedestals is yours alone and you may find that you already have the perfect spot picked out, with a height that suits the perfect area.

You can find a full selection of pots and pedestal combinations in our garden planter sets at
By: Susan Soler of the Team

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