Creating a Getaway- Right in your Own Backyard

By: admin | Posted on: Oct/04/2012

Palladio Table and Two Benches

A backyard is a place for entertainment, relaxation, meditation, or just to sit back and take in the beauty of nature. Whether you use it for family time, a barbeque, or to just sit back with a good book and spend some alone time. Whether to get away or get together, making your garden setting perfect for your purposes is important; here are some good ideas to creating a wonderful backyard escape!

A backyard should be full of life, in the forms of plants and flowers. These will bring beauty and fragrance to your setting. Add seasonal flowers, planted in brightly colored pots, to your backyard patio for added color and décor. During the spring and summer months consider adding herbs to outside pots, as these are useful in the kitchen, and add delightful aromas to your setting. Remember that when it comes to adding plants and flowers to your setting, they need light and water, so be careful to the locations and placement of these plants!

If the space is meant for entertainment or relaxation, there needs to be some sort of furniture. The key is to select furniture, such as cast stone benches or tables, that can withstand the elements of the outdoors. Some additional good choices are teak, redwood and cedar. Plastic and wicker are good choices, and for a more affordable choice consider treated pine. Make sure the furniture is comfortable if meant for relaxing, this will make it appealing to enjoy curling up with a good book! You can always add some outdoor cushions if you current furniture isn’t comfortable. If the goal is to entertain, then make sure there is seating, but do not go overboard, as furniture can also break a garden design.

When it comes to your outdoor fabrics, they need to be washable and weather resistance. Instead of going and buying new fabrics for worn out pillows or seat covers, consider recovering the old ones in a new fabric. Acrylic, polyester, and canvas are good fabric options for this purpose. Often they can be found in vibrant and lush patterns that will add beauty and intrigue to your setting.

A backyard, if it is to be enjoyed in the hot summer months, needs to have shade. Shade allows for an area of coolness in the setting. This can be accomplished with a gazebo or umbrella.  There are even retractable awnings that can be attached to your roof for a patio setting. These are all good options to avoid baking in the summer heat. Trees are another great form of shade, consider placing a bench under a tree for a lovely place to sit and read or watch your kids play.

A backyard does not need to be reserved for daylight use only, bring in lights to your backyard and carry on the excitement into the night! This is especially great for entertaining! Add tiki torches or citronella candles, these will add light and keep away pesky bugs. Consider the addition of solar lights along a pathway or around a sitting area.  Even adding a light to your outdoor fountain can set the outdoor living room in a calming mood for a relaxing setting. A fire pit is another great evening accessory. In the evening as the sun fades, it will provide light and warmth, it is also great to visit with friend around a fire, roasting s’mores or marshmallows!

Finally, add some accents to your garden. This may be in the form of a statue or birdbath. Wind chimes are great as well, because they add soft melodic sounds or maybe even a rain chain to enjoy even the days when the summer or spring rain approaches. The addition of bird feeders is another exciting feature, as they dray in beautiful birds. These are all great additions and ideas for any backyard setting, adding character, charm, and personality to your setting.
By: Susan Soler of the Team

Container Gardening Can Work for Any Space

By: admin | Posted on: Oct/03/2012

Container GardeningNo space to plant? Do you kill plants more often than keeping them alive? Need a way to dress up a small patio setting? These are all great reasons to give container gardening a chance. It is really a simple project that only requires a planter, some soil, and seeds. You can make a beautiful flower arrangement by planting more than one species in a pot, if it is large enough, or maybe you can’t take a shot at growing a vegetable in a pot!


A garden pot does not need to be an expensive and decorative container, although these will bring added style and artistic value to your setting. But the container can be basically anything. This may include a bucket, an old watering can, or even old bins. Turn these into planters by adding drain holes in the bottom. Place a good garden soil inside these containers, and plant away! You will be amazed at how simple the process is, and how beautiful the result will be!

Container Gardens can be set up virtually in any space, no matter how small or large.  For small spaces, gardening in a container can allow you room to still add an outdoor fountain as well. A garden like this is the perfect way to dress up a small outdoor space. You can add beautiful color and texture to your setting, or you can grow delicious fruit or vegetables to enjoy without all the tilling and digging that comes with making a garden. There are even types of container gardens that can be planted that require very little to basically no maintenance on your part.

Another great aspect about container gardening is that is a simple but fun hobby, one for the whole family. Allow kids to have a pot of their own, and create their own container garden. This will not only be a fun activity to create, but caring for the container will teach then responsibility and to care for a growing and living thing. If you choose to grow vegetable, let the kids be a part of this as well, growing the foods they will eat may actually make them more receptive to trying new things. Kids that may not like peas or peppers may have a change of heart if they are growing the items themselves.

Outdoor gardens and flowerbeds create truly beautiful landscapes, but they also require a lot of time and effort to maintain them. This includes weeding, trimming, watering, and fertilizing all on a rather large scale. A container garden is the perfect solution for the person on the go. It will not need as much time and effort as a large garden and it will also be critter free. Containers can be set on patios or porches where animals fear to go, keeping those juicy tomatoes and fragrant herbs safe!

A container garden planter is something that is created to match your own personal style. You can pick and choose according to the theme of your setting, or just the flowers or plants that you like best. They are so diversified that no two container gardens ever need to be alike, unless you choose for them to be. These containers can even be brought indoors over the winter months, kept alive and set back outdoors as the warm weather returns! Thus, being economical as well.

There are many reasons why to consider container gardening, we have named only a few reasons. With a little creativity, some containers, and seeds and plants, you can create a great garden that will be easy to care for and take up little space! So why not get started today?
By: Susan Soler of the Team

Children and Fountain Safety

By: admin | Posted on: Oct/01/2012

A garden fountain is a great idea, adding beauty and interest to your setting. Fountains may seem like a danger if you have children or grandchildren, but this is not the case. You can add a fountain and make it safe for children to be around. Kids may even enjoy watching the water fall and the lovely sounds water features can create!

Making sure the fountain is safe for your children is a valid concern.  Although a fountain can never be made totally kid-proof, there are a number of ways to protect your children from these water features, while still allowing you the joy of having them. Strategically placing boulders around the fountain can be a good idea, or adding low fencing in the form of shrubbery.

Children should never be left alone when a water feature of any kind is present. The type of fountain and the level of security will also depend on the ages of the children. A fountain that is appropriate for children aged 5-8 will not be appropriate for children aged 2-3. Kids should always be closely supervised especially when a  fountain has a pool of three feet or more. Often these water features, especially those with fish or pretty plants, will attract kids. Children love to explore new things, and water and wildlife will certainly draw them in. These factors can even caused the best behaved child to stray from the rules of their parents. It is also important to be sure that any friends or neighbors children that come into your setting are aware of the rules with your fountain and know to stay away from it, and enjoy it from afar.

Fencing is one way to ensure your child’s safety in your garden. Although this may seem like an extreme or impractical or even unattractive measure, there are ways to deal with each of these issues. A fence should be child proof and feature a locked gate of some kind. A picket fence is a beautiful option, it adds character as well as protects your children from the fountain.

Another good idea is to add a garden fountain that features a bottom tier that is too high for a toddler to get to. You can also control the depth of the water in the bottom pool, or please decorative stones in the bottom of the pool so the water will not be as deep either. If these options are not attractive for your setting, a wall fountain can add the beauty of a water feature without nearly as much concern for the safety of your child.

Choosing a good location for your garden fountain can also affect the overall safety of the fountain. You want to make sure the fountain in is a place where you can watch your children, not too close to the house or too far away from the house. The goal is to be able to supervise the children around the water feature. Sometimes, a water alarm could be useful, these are often used in pools, and sound when the water surface is disturbed.

These are just some idea to help you enjoy a beautiful water feature, while protecting your family from any dangers a water feature can present to children! These ideas will allow for charming garden fountains and playful children to co-exist in one wonderful setting! Visit us to find the perfect child friendly outdoor fountain today.
By: Susan Soler of the Team

Reasons to Add A Water Feature to your Outdoor Space

By: admin | Posted on: Sep/26/2012

When it comes to creating a beautiful garden for your landscape there is often one particular element that is missing. That element is water. The garden features so many beautiful aspects, from the plants to the flowers, but water can add a surprisingly beautiful note to the mix. Water features can be added in a variety of ways, from large tiered fountains to small container water gardens!

There are so many benefits to a water feature! One of the greatest aspects of water is its sound. A fountain will bring the soothing sounds of water in motion to your landscape. These sounds can be the serene trickle of a small wall fountain, to the impressive rains of a large tiered fountain. These sounds can also be used to mask unpleasant noises or drown out traffic! Fountains make stunning focal points as well. Whether tucked into a quiet corner, hung on a garden wall, or placed front and center, you can be assured these features will be noticed and enjoyed by everyone! Water features will bring life to your setting as well. Water allows all life to survive, so adding water to your setting attracts birds. This, in turn, can create delightful little shows as they drink, bath, and play in the water! Water features bring a sense of tranquility into a setting. They are great for a meditative garden. They allow for quiet contemplation.

Water features come in a many shapes, styles, and materials. This can be as simple as a bowl filled with water, or as intense as a classical cast stone three tiered fountain mimicking those glorious European fountains of ancient times. You can find fountains in glass, cast stone, resin, fiberglass, slate, and iron. These materials all offer their own advantages and style. Some of these are heavy and cannot be moved, while others are lightweight and are easy to move from location to location. Each of these offers different sounds as well. These are all water features to consider, and will all work for bringing the element of water into your garden setting.

Choosing the right water feature can be difficult, if you are not sure what you want. It is best to consider how much space you have for a water feature, as well as how loud or quiet it should be. These two factors will limit your choices. Also consider the décor of your landscape, a fountain should fit in with this. You want the style to be of your own taste and match the style of your environment!

With a little effort, you can even create your own water features; all you normally need is a bowl and a pump! Making a water feature does not need to cost a lot of money, although if you do choose to purchase a fountain it will be money well spent. Water is an element that should not be overlooked in any landscaping. Fountains or water gardens give water to the area and add moisture to the environment, making them as practical as they are beautiful!

Water is a fascinating and exciting element. Watching it can be very entertaining, soothing, comforting, and relaxing. It will bring a sense of positivity to the environment, creating the perfect accent for your setting.
By: Susan Soler of the Team

Tips on Keeping Fountain Water Clear

By: admin | Posted on: Sep/25/2012

A fountain is added to a setting for visual, physical, and emotional value. A fountain runs on water, the key to all the beautiful sounds it emits as well as the entertainment it provides. Therefore it is important to keep the water clean, as this prolongs the life of the fountain, as well as allows it perform to its top capabilities. There are a lot of additives and solutions that can be added to your water element to help reduce water fountain maintenance.

Why do fountains need to be cleaned, and what are the things in the water that affect the fountain?

The water that is placed into the fountain, especially if it is tap or city water has minerals and particles that run through it. This creates hard water deposits that are typically not seen in normal conditions. These build ups will appear over time as the fountain runs, creating ugly rings on your fountain. There can be several rings that form because the water level may drop. These rings must be cleaned off periodically to keep the water functioning properly. This is even more important for outdoor fountains where you often do not have the option of using distilled water like you can for indoor fountains. For outdoor fountains, distilled water is much to costly, because these fountains need filled more often because of evaporation. Adding a solution to outdoor garden fountains will help to reduce the buildup, allowing the fountain to be cleaned much less often. These methods can, and should be applied to indoor fountains because often these materials are harder to clean, because they cannot be scrubbed as outdoor fountains can. Scrubbing these materials can harm the clear coatings and finishes on the fountain.

There are two very well known solutions that can be added to fountains. These solutions will help keep hard water deposits away, keep the pump clean, and basically improve the functionality of the fountain. These can be found in many gardening stores, wherever fountains are sold, and can also be ordered online.  We offer Fountain Fresh for keeping your foutains clear. Protec is a blend of chemicals to that offer protection against mineral buildup and stains. It also works on existing deposits and stains. The instructions are on the bottle, you just add enough solution according to the amount of water. Fountec, on the other hand, is a powerful algaecide and clarifier. It will also work hard to prevent mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in the fountain. Algae are important to control because it causes the water to change color and look murky. Usually this is the best substance for outdoor garden fountains.

It is important to check with the gardening centers and read the instructions on the bottle to see if they are safe for animals. This is especially important for indoor fountains if they are located in a place where pets can drink from them or children can play in them.  These solutions are great ideas for your water features, keeping them clean and prolonging the life of your fountain!
By: Susan Soler of the Team

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