Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

By: admin | Posted on: Nov/30/2017

outdoor room garden-fountains
Creating the perfect outdoor room adds space to your home, even in the cooler months. Here at we work hard to give you a variety of items that will work together to create a cohesive and enjoyable outdoor space. For avid gardeners, perhaps planters are your forte, whereas those of you with a creative streak may lean more towards statuary or fountains to appease your taste. No matter what your likes are, there are many ways to turn drab outdoor settings into a fabulous, usable space.


planters outdoor room garden-fountainsAdd Greenery and Color

A garden planter set is a great way to add style to your outdoor setting without taking away from the beauty of nature. Ceramic planter sets usually come with three to five planters ranging in size that all feature the same stunning glaze. The different heights create dimension, while the color options allow for a vibrant and bold focal point. Often these planters will look beautiful filled with flowers, overflowing foliage, and they can even be left empty to be used just for decoration.

Birdbath outdoor room garden-fountains


Bring Nature Close

Birdbaths and planters are a perfect duo. A well-placed birdbath paired with two similar planters creates the perfect focal point for any setting. This combination will look timeless and elegant. Fill the planters with beautiful blooms and plants that spiral downwards to create the perfect classical look.


Chill Out with a Fountain

Garden Fountains come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. The addition of a simple wall fountain to the side of a patio wall will transform your setting into a tranquil and soothing space. The power of water is proven to relieve tension and create a calming and peaceful setting. Large tiered fountains will add drama and entertainment to your space. Smaller pedestal fountains are perfect for empty corners or smaller yards. No matter what style you choose, the addition of a fountain will brighten up the most dismal of outdoor spaces.


Add Character

Garden accents, whether is be a whimsical gnome village or a large classical statue placed over a pedestal, bring a sense of delight and excitement to a setting. Smaller garden accents can give the element of surprise while large statues add a sense of grandeur. Useful accents like rain chains and sundials add beauty while still giving you a functioning tool.

fireplace outdoor room garden-fountains


Heat it Up

Lastly, in cooler weather you can extend the use of your outdoor living room by adding a fire pit or fireplace. Place it in the center of a seating area. Not only can you relax into the evening with a warm beverage, you can toast marshmallows and make amores! If you have a smaller area that just needs more light, you can opt for a smaller table top style instead. And if you use some of the special smokeless oils in your fireplace, you don’t have to worry about fumes, either.
These ideas are sure to help turn a plain outdoor seating area into a fun and lively place that you can’t wait to come home too. Creating a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space is key to enjoying your surroundings. By following some of these simple ideas you can love spending time in your outdoor space right away!


Overlooked Outdoor Garden Accents

By: admin | Posted on: Nov/15/2017

When creating the perfect outdoor space, typically plants, flowers, containers, water features, and statuary take center stage. And it’s important to create focal points. But don’t forget some smaller items that are often overlooked that can truly enhance and organize your setting!

Hose pot outdoor garden accent garden-fountainsHide Your Garden Hose

One really great item for your garden setting is a hose pot. Hoses can be unruly and no one wants to have them lying out. The Hose Pot Collection that we offer provides a wonderful way to keep your hose hidden, while adding a beautiful accent to your setting! These pots can be placed out in the open allowing your hose to be easily accessed and tangle free! So those beautiful flowers you have just planted can easily be watered and you won’t have to dread giving them their daily moisture.

Stepping stones outdoor garden accent garden-fountainsCreate a Walkway with Stepping Stones

Another idea for a garden setting is stepping-stones! If you have a flower bed that is hard to maneuver around, adding a few carefully placed stepping stones allows for room to move around the plants to weed and water without harming them. Plus by standing on the stones you avoid mud and dirt! There are many unique types of stepping stones, from the very creative and ornate to simplistic and basic. They are great for heavily traveled grass paths as well, to help keep your grass from being worn away! Many people think stepping stones are just bland corner pieces of concrete.  But, offers many different stepping stones that can fit any garden theme or even bring your favorite things into the garden, like this Flower Power Stepping Stone Set.

Make the Rain Beautiful

rain chain outdoor garden accent garden-fountainsSome simple and practical options to add to your setting include accents like birdhouses, wind chimes, and rain chains. A carefully placed birdhouse will bring wildlife into your setting, while adding a small focal point to your setting. Wind chimes are stylish, and add a musical appeal and soft glisten to your space. Rain Chains are practical and beautiful. Taking the place of a downspout, they create a lovely sound as rain falls down them while adding a beautiful accent to your home!
Consider some of these items for your setting, and bring style, practicality and purpose to your environment. These features should not be overlooked, and why not create beauty will organizing your setting.

Gifting Large Outdoor Items: Ideas and Giving Tips

By: admin | Posted on: Nov/08/2017

The holidays are upon us. Whether you have begun your shopping or not, we have some excellent ideas for gifting large outdoor items such as cast stone fountains or a set of glazed ceramic pottery.


Large outdoor fountainConcrete Garden Fountains


The holidays is the perfect time to give the lady of the house something she has always wanted. It’s your chance to show her your appreciation for all that she does throughout the year. A truly wonderful idea is a cast stone fountain for the backyard. Adding a fountain to an outdoor area may be something she has always wanted, but never purchased.  The holidays is a great time to make her dreams come true.


Depending on where you live, you may not be able to set up a concrete fountain during the winter months. But you can still order it and have it shipped to your home so it’s ready come spring. If this is the case, we suggest finding a photo of the fountain you have purchased. Then wrap it inside of a box. You could even get a photo of the fountain nicely printed and then framed. We are more than happy to send you a photo to use for gifting as well, just contact customer service. Mom then still has something she can open and dream about for the next few months of winter.


Plan ahead


If you’re ordering something that needs to arrive via a trucking delivery, you can put your personal Contact information (we recommend a cell number) in the Comments box at the time of your order. That way when your fountain is ready for delivery, you’ll be contacted directly to make arrangements. The delivery method for all our products is listed in the product Description section.


Sets of glazed planters also make great gifts.  Most glazed sets have a variety of sizes, this allows for easy depth creation in any outdoor area, or allows you to create a pop of color in many spaces instead of just having one focal point.  Your loved one will think of you each and every time she looks out the kitchen window and into the backyard, or when she pulls up in the front driveway.


Gifting for the person who has everything is not always the easiest task, but when you take your mind on a journey outdoors, you can easily find an item that makes the perfect choice for anyone on your list.

Illuminating Your Landscape

By: admin | Posted on: Nov/01/2017

outdoor lighting garden-fountins
The wonderful feature of outdoor lighting adds beauty and safety to your landscape all year long. A dark setting is neither safe nor inviting; in fact, it can lead to accidents and even break-ins. A dark entrance in unsightly, so why not spruce it up and bring light to your setting! This will boost the overall appearance of your setting; add the element of safety, creating a complete look for your landscape.


Tons of Options

Today’s lighting features can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There are many different options, from very simple lightning just too light path ways or entrances. Or more decorative options, to highlight landscape characteristics, or illuminate the whole home! Lightning is such a practical accent for any landscape. It adds to the overall usability of your home, especially in the colder months, when the night comes much quicker.  There are many different lighting options now and many can even be added directly into water features or even planters. The addition of lighting will allow to you enjoy your patio even after darkness sets in. In the winter, water freezes, leading to ice on drives and walks, and if these are unlit, there is a great chance of falling or slipping. A lit walk will allow you to see ice so you do not hurt yourself.
Outdoor lighting is great for functionality, but shouldn’t it also be beautiful? Lightning should be installed to compliment the positive features of the home. Add lighting to unique architectural elements, beautiful gardens, or ornamental trees. Whether you install soft glows or dramatic spotlights, lighting is sure to be an entertaining and stunning part of your outdoor décor.


outdoor lighting garden-fountainsNew LED Efficiency

Perhaps the best part about modern lighting is its efficiency. The lights that are installed can be halogen or LED, both surpass the wattage of an indoor bulb, creating much powerful lighting that is energy efficient and long lasting. The housing for the bulbs is also often weather resistant, so it will protect the bulb, and last without rusting or chipping. These house are almost always upgradeable as well, able to hold different bulbs as the technology improves. This particular aspect makes outdoor lighting an investment for your setting.


Add Timers

Furthermore, lights can also be placed on controlled timers, this way they only turn on as the sun fades, and they are needed. These controls allow the lighting to just work, so you do not need to worry or even think about it. They do also offer a manual control setting as well, so you can be in control when you want to. There are even some highly powerful controls that can sense the sun setting, and will automatically activate on their own. You can always consider using solar lights if you do not have access to a power source.  While these lights are often not as powerful as electric lights, with the right placement these can easily do the job!


Ask for Help

The best way to make sure the lighting is done correctly as well as safely, is to have it installed by a professional. Especially one that specializes in lighting. It is best not to use general contractors who do not specialize in this task. Lightning should not be installed yourself, there are to many aspects that could go wrong, resulting in injury or even damaging your home. It is best to contract a company that is well known for their lightning creations and installments, and is willing to maintain your lighting should any maintenance need occur.
Lighting is a beautiful and exciting feature for your home; it provides an added level of security, as well as safety for your home. It creates a beautiful glow that can illuminate your home, creating a warm and welcoming glow.


Fountain Accessories You May Need

By: admin | Posted on: Oct/23/2017

You’ve chosen the perfect fountain for your outdoor space. Now that you have that beautiful water feature, you may be thinking that you are missing something. We have some great fountain accessories to make your days easier and your fountain more enjoyable!


Keep it Filled

Auto Refill fountain accessories Garden-fountainsThe first addition we have for fountain is the Automatic Refill Device For Fountains. Designed for Campania International fountains, this wonderful gadget can be a true gift.  Whether your fountain is up against the extreme heat of a desert area, or maybe in an area where excessive splashing occurs, an automatic refill device can be a great option.
It works  by using a float to notify the device when the water levels in your fountain are too low. This ensures that the pump will never be without water.  This is important because when a pump runs dry and is without water, it can ruin the pump. The only thing you need to use this wonderful device is a garden hose. The garden hose simply gets hooked up to the device and will refill the fountain when it needs water.  No more making sure to check the fountain to make sure the pump is under water!


Remote Control

The second fountain device we think is truly amazing is the fountain remote control.  This wonderful gadget hooks right into your existing pump.  It comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the fountain on and off, whenever you wish!  No more walking up behind the fountain and plugging it in!  A true wonder to make sure you are getting the most out of the water feature in your backyard! This remote control can easily be used with most fountains and makes a great gift too!


Fountain cover fountain accessories Garden-fountainsFountain Covers

The third accessory we think makes life quite a bit easier are fountain covers.  While you may not be thinking you need a fountain cover now that spring and summer are here, you will still need this nifty cover once the cooler weather arrives. Fountain covers are designed to protect fountains and other outdoor garden accessories that are made out of cast stone.  They work by covering the fountain to ensure that no moisture, whether it be snow, rain or ice, can collect within the fountain.  When precipitation collects within these areas and freezes, it can actually cause cast stone fountains to crack.  While you can cover your fountain with a breathable material and then wrap in plastic, fountain covers make the job so much easier year after year.
Owning a fountain is a true delight, but with a few fountain accessories, you will be loving your fountain more and more each day! By Jean Widner of the team.


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