Historical Gardens and Newport, Rhode Island on Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor

By: admin | Posted on: Sep/10/2014

There are many different locations through the world that features some of the most well known gardens and waterfalls. Many people know these places, but do not think about locations through the world that also features very well known garden accents.

Newport Rhode Island is one of those places.  Newport, RI has always been very well known as one of the go to escapes for the wealthy. Summer cottages were created by some of the wealthiest during the 20th century including family names like the Vanderbilts and the Astors. These cottages were not necessarily what you may think of as “cottages”, but rather gorgeous mansions built upon a beautiful serene setting. In addition to these mansions, there were gorgeous gardens abound.  Whether you have visited these gardens or have always admired them from publication like magazines or on the web, we have a way to bring them right into your very own garden.

With the partnership of Campania International, a U.S. cast stone manufacturer, and the Newport Country Preservation Society, we bring to your a selection of products created after the beautiful historical pieces found in Newport, Rhode Island. These 11 pieces can fit into any outdoor space!  Some of them can even be brought indoors. The first selection of products from this new collection is containers.  From smaller sized containers, to larger magnificent containers, the Newport Mansions Collection can showcase your favorite flowers or greens!  To see all plant-able pieces within the Newport Mansions Collection, visit our website www.Garden-Fountains.com/Newport-Mansions-Collection .

Rosecliff Planter

If you desire a very large, stately piece, the Rosecliff Planter is definitely the choice for your.  With beautiful decorative elements around the entire planter, the Rosecliff is a beautiful choice for homes, or even businesses. If the space you have is limited, consider a small, decorative element like the Swan Planter.  A beautiful combination of a decorative statue and a planter, the Swan would look wonderful placed at a driveway entry or even backyard patio.

If you are searching for more of a statue, the Newport Mansions Collection does include a few select statue elements.

Newport Rabbits

The Newport Rabbits are a beautiful choice for flanking any space.  These adorable little rabbits are sure to be loved by anyone who places their sight upon them! If you are looking for a more whimsical element, consider the Newport Garden Elves.  This adorable little guys can be placed among your flowering plants for an element of surprise or placed anywhere that seems to just be missing something.

Adding a historical element to your outdoor decor is a wonderful way to bring any space alive.  Garden-Fountains.com offers historical collections from Longwood Gardens, Smithsonian and Colonial Williamsburg.  Be sure to check out our collections and add a piece of history to your home today!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team





Making the Most of Rooftop Gardening

By: admin | Posted on: Aug/25/2014

Lightweight PlantersWhether you live in the city, or just have limited space the ideas and techniques behind roof top gardening may be for you!  Often with sleek, contemporary elements, roof top gardens utilize minimal amounts of space while creating a huge impact.  If you are considering turning your roof top into a deck, there are a few things should you should definitely consider before jumping the gun.


There are many different reasons why you may decide that a roof top garden is for you.  Whether you have just moved into a location where the only outdoor space is a rooftop deck or you just want to turn your rooftop into useable space, Rooftop Gardening may be the answer for you.  In addition to creating a beautiful space, rooftop decks can also create privacy from other roofs around you.  Some of the great benefits of roof top decks are that there are no deer around to eat your plants and there is plenty of sunshine (which you should keep in mind when choosing what sort of plants to utilize).

If you are going to consider a very large, heavy rooftop garden you should consult a structural engineer before your project begins.  This will help to ensure that the weight that may be created by your beautiful new garden can be supported by your current structure.  If you already know that your rooftop deck is ready for some beautifying, then we have the perfect steps to choosing what to place on your roof top deck.

The first step to deciding how you are going to create your roof top deck is figuring out the basics.  Do you have easy access to water on your rooftop?  If not, you will want to consider plants that can take the direct sunlight but require very minimal watering.  You will also want to make sure that you have the space to keep all of the tools you will need in order to operate a roof top deck.  If you do not already have a storage location on your rooftop, you should consider a storage bin for keeping all of the necessary tools.   One great way to easily begin your roof top gardening is by using lightweight containers for your vegetables, plants and flowers.  These lightweight planters can easily be carried atop your rooftop and can easily be moved around if necessary.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, lightweight containers can fit any desired decor.

Creating a rooftop deck with seating is also a great idea.  Not only will you go to the roof top to care for your plants and flowers but you will find that these new elements also bring a sense of calm and relaxation for any item!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team

Your Yard: From Overgrown to Fantastic!

By: admin | Posted on: May/15/2014

We have all been there, taking a walk outdoors only to find lots of weeds or a very dull looking space. Taking the time for your outdoor is space is very important. Not only will you enjoy the space, but your guests will rave about your space, and your neighbors will thank you for doing your part to keep the neighborhood looking nice!

While tackling an overgrown backyard or empty space may seem like a large task, there are a few simple steps you can take to make the makeover a little bit easier. If your yard is overgrown, first start by tackling the weeds and plants and flowers that are no longer alive. If it seems to be too much for you to do on your own, invite your friends over! Have a working BBQ, everyone loves some hamburgers and hotdogs! Using gardening tools to dig up weeds often makes the job a little bit easier. If you don’t have gardening tools, ask a neighbor or family member to borrow some instead of going out to purchase them. This will help you know which tools you actually found effective and you can go purchase yourself instead of buying everything in the store when you’re uncertain what you may or may not need.

After you have taken the time to remove some of the unsightly weeds and debris, take the time to mow if you have grass. A lawn often looks 100% better if it just have a good cut. While you may be reluctant to take the time to weed-whack around the edges where the lawn mower may not have fit, it is important to take the time to do the edging. This is one of the biggest points many people miss. Edging an outdoor space makes it look clean and well taken care of.

Undertaking an un-kept lawn should be done over the course of days, or maybe even weekends if you only have weekends to spend on the yard. Trying to tackle too much will lead you to become overwhelmed and may make you wish you had never started in the first place. Once you have the lawn in good shape it is time to reward yourself! A few strategically placed garden decor elements take a lawn from well manicured to incredible. If you have the space and an electrical hookup, an outdoor fountain is the perfect choice as stand alone, it makes a show stopping piece that is not only great to look at, but also provides a soothing element. If you are uncertain about the commitment to a fountain, consider a garden bench. Benches are wonderful outdoor design element because they serve two purposes. They give you seating in a space you may not been able to completely enjoy in the past and they provide a decorative element. Consider a eye catching piece like the Owl Bench. Your neighbors will all be wondering where you find such a special element!

Spending time and money on your outdoor space is one of the most important things for a homeowner. Not only will you be sure to keep yourself in the good graces of your neighbors, but each day you pull up to your home, you will take a moment to smile at the beauty you have cultivated.

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team

Spring is coming, Prepare now!

By: admin | Posted on: Mar/05/2014

Whether you live on the east or west coast, the winter of 2014 is one most of us are ready to release as spring approaches.  The continuing cold weather and many snowy days almost make us forget that before too long warmer weather will be upon us.  With the official start of Spring only 16 days away there is no time like the present to begin thinking about how you will prepare you outdoor space this season.

Early to mid March is the perfect time to start considering how you are going to make your outdoor space what you have always wanted.  It is important to always remember that many of our manufacturers make their products to order.  This gives you the option of choosing the perfect patina, or finish, for your cast stone piece.  This also means that the piece you choose will not be ready for shipment in a day or two.  Instead, your order may take a couple of week to even a month and a half before it is ready to arrive at your home.  This makes March the perfect time of year to start picking out the perfect pieces so they arrive just in time for the weather to  break and your beautiful outdoor space to take form.

If you have always wanted a water feature for your outdoor space, there is no better time then now.  Water fountains create a beautiful, tranquil sound that can easily turn any space into a wonderful escape.  Placing fountains strategically in an outdoor area can make them because the single showcased piece.  You may have always placed all of your time and energy into making sure your potted plants look beautiful, but this year, consider an alternative option: water fountains.  With so many options, you can easily find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.

With limited outdoor space, for those of you who live in apartments or condos, hanging water features are a great option.  They can easily be mounted near a seating area, or simply hung on a wall to maximize your walking area.  Terrace or tabletop fountains are also a great option if you are not allowed to hang fountain in your rental.  If you are looking to place a fountain outdoors, make sure to choose a fountain that is designed to be left out in the elements.  We love the Flores Mini Series Fountain for its round shape and flower like element.

If you have a larger space to work with, and have been eying up all the beautiful photos you find in your monthly magazines, then consider a tiered fountain.  Classical tiered designs are sure to fit into any space, whether you have been desiring a modern look or even a natural classical look, these types of outdoor water features complete any space.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to revamp your outdoor space, or are looking for a specific piece, Garden-Fountains.com has everything you can imagine from outdoor statuary, fountains, bird baths, planters, and so much more.  Be sure to stop by and place your orders today!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team

What you need to know about drain holes and planters

By: admin | Posted on: Feb/28/2014

One small detail that most people do not pay attention to when purchasing planters for their interior or exterior designs is that of drainage holes. Most planters actually have these holes already added by manufacturers during the manufacturing process, and most people believe that drain holes are something that must be included on all planters for all occasions.

Drainage holes seem like a rather simple and straight forward concept for planters; however, where there are pros to having planters with drainage holes, there are also cons. Most people want drainage holes installed in their planters without considering whether or not they are necessary. Planters used inside businesses and homes should consider alternative irrigation techniques for potted plants instead of the classic “water and drain” technique. Not only can the drained excess water potentially cause accidents but damage flooring and surrounding furniture. Even saucers used under planters with drain holes can overflow when plants are overwatered. Most planters with drainage holes are made with outdoor use in mind. Fortunately, they do not make it impossible to use outdoor planters inside. Try filling the holes with cement, rubber stoppers, or caulking before bringing them inside. For small indoor planters with drainage holes and saucers, adding water into the saucer works better more often than watering from the top.

Where planters really benefit from drainage holes is outdoors. Proper drainage is essential for all outdoor plants. Water should never be allowed to sit in planters for long periods of time. In nature, water falls to the ground but does not stop and sit around the roots of plants. Instead the water keeps flowing downward and outward or evaporates as the ground is heated. This keeps plants from drowning or becoming exposed to potentially harmful molds and fungi. Potted plants have it a little harder. Water has nowhere to go in a planter that has no drainage and can possibly kill plants within 24 hours. Having drainage holes in outdoor planters is one of the best ways to keep plants happy and healthy. Be aware that in many cases one hole is actually all that is needed. Planters that already have drainage holes are often made that way by manufactures that have both the structural integrity and functionality of their products in mind. When considering adding structural modifications of any kind to planters, consulting a landscaper or garden center should be the first course of action.

For planters kept on outdoor patios or decks, drainage holes can be a blessing and a curse. Again, drainage is necessary for the plants in these planters (especially those exposed to rain), but the water flowing from the bottom of the planter can cause discoloration on flooring or furniture. This would be a good place to utilize a saucer under a planter. If saucers were unavailable, slowing down the drainage with a bottle cap, ball of burlap, or small stone over the hole and keeping the water from being trapped under the base by using pot feet/risers under the planters should also help to minimize any damage/discoloration. Sitting water is what causes the most damage around businesses and homes. Lifting the base of a planter off of a flat surface will allow the water to keep moving.

Before including a potted garden anywhere, first consider the irrigation for the plants and the area around the garden. Though drainage holes are convenient and necessary in most cases, remember that the excess water from planters can and will cause damage in and around buildings. Taking into consideration some of the suggestions above should help keep plants healthy and people happy.
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team

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